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The Operating Points of Plastic Extruder

Promulgator: admin    Send date: 2015-01-29 09:28

The operating points of plastic extrusion machine ( plastic extruder ) are different when producing different plastic products, but there are some similarities. Briefly described below when the various products out of the same steps and should be noted extruder operating points. 
1, the preparatory work before driving 
(1) for the extrusion of plastic. Raw materials should be required to achieve the required drying, if necessary, require further drying. Sift to remove lumps and pellets of raw materials and mechanical impurities. 
(2) Check the equipment in water, electricity, gas and the system is normal, to ensure that water, gas flow, no leakage, electrical system is normal, heating system, temperature control, all instruments are working and reliable; auxiliary low-speed test empty operation, observation equipment is working properly; start setting table vacuum pump is working properly observed; in various parts of lubrication equipment, lubricants. Found fault and remove. 
(3) installed the first set and stereotypes. According to the product variety, size, select the right head size. In the following order to head installed.

2 Car 
(1) after the temperature can drive, drive, flange should extruder head and then tighten a bolt, the bolt head to eliminate the difference of thermal expansion, tight head bolt tightening sequence is diagonal, force should be uniform. Tight head flange nuts, ask around the elastic line, or run material. 
(2) drive, select "ready to drive" button and draw a line "drive" button, and then slowly rotating knob screw speed, screw speed slow start. And then gradually speed up, while a small amount of feed. Close attention to the host when feeding ammeter and a variety of instructions indicating changes in the header. Screw torque can not exceed the red label (usually 65% -75% torque table). Before being squeezed out of plastic profiles, no person shall stand in front of the die to prevent the bolts pulled off or because of raw material moisture and other reasons put foam caused injuries. Plastic from the extrusion die head, the things that need to be squeezed out slowly cooled and lead on the traction device and setting mode, and switch on the device. Control instruments and then the indicated value and the requirements of extrusion products. Parts will be adjusted accordingly to achieve the normal operation of the entire out of state. And, if necessary add a little material, measured using twin-screw extruder to feed feeder evenly constant. 
(3) die out when the plastic material are uniform and good traction good people can be stereotyped sets. Need to empirically determine the degree of plasticization, the general appearance of the material according to judge out, that the surface gloss, no impurities, no foam, coke material and color, hand-out material will be squeezed down to a certain extent, does not appear burrs, cracks, have a certain flexibility, at this time that plastics material is good. If the adverse plasticizing screw speed can be adjusted, barrel and die temperature, until the requirements. 
(4) in the extrusion process, technical requirements should be regularly inspected various process parameters are normal, and complete process sheets. Check the profiles according to the quality inspection standards of product quality, identify problems and take timely solutions.

3, Parking 
(1) stop feeding, will be squeezed out of plastic inside the light, exposing the screw, turn off the power cylinder and head, stop heating. 
(2) Close the extruder and auxiliary power supply, so that the screw and the auxiliary stop. 
(3) Open head flange, remove the nose. Porous plate and clean the parts of the nose. When cleaning the inner surface to prevent damage to the nose, the nose of residual material within the application of steel law to clean steel, and then use sandpaper to adhere to the nose than the plastic grinding and polishing, coated with oil or silicone oil rust. 
(4) screw, barrel cleaning, remove the head, restart the host, add parking material (or broken material), clean the screw, barrel, then screw selection of low-speed (sr / min or so) to reduce wear. Material to be ground into powder completely out of parking, the available compressed air from the charging port, exhaust port pellets and powder residue repeated blows, until the machine barrel actually no residual material, the screw speed reduced to zero, stop out machine, shut off power and water main gas valve. 
(5) in the extrusion prcess plastic extruder should pay attention to the safety of the project are: electricity, heat, mechanical rotation and loading and unloading heavy parts. Extruder plant must have lifting equipment, loading and unloading head, screw and other bulky components to ensure safety in production.

In a word, Opeator must follow the right operation steps to ensure the plastic exrusion machine working accurately.

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