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WPC Profile Machine

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WPC Extrusion line

The wood plastic extrusion line undergoes special design of screw,barrel and mould,together with different extrusion technical process.The production line can adopt either one stage extrusion or two steps extrusion after Pelletier.It is energy saving and room sawing too with high output capacity.Stable extrusion pressure,pre-heating on top of the feeding section completely.Special designed screw make cutting force small and keep the material in the barrel with even time.The barrel adopts dual metaillic material which boasts long life anti-corrosion.

This production line have a wide application to flooring,out door decoration material,package panel and try.It is suitable for PVC,PE,PP material.Besides,the ingredient of wood power can reach 50%-75%.

1) WPC Extrusion line ( whole name: Wood-Plastic Composite Extrusion Line )is suitable to produce WPC products at high value with variety of plastic and nature fiber, and the material is of 90% of waste plastic and waste natural fiber
2) With scientific and reasonable technology, the machine has high efficiency and runs stably
3) With both properties of wood and plastic, the WPC products are of high stiffness and impact performance. The ratio of performance and price is muchhigher than wood and plastic
4) The WPC products can be recycled 100%, so they are environment-friendly products
WPC Equipment advantages: 
1) This WPC extrusion line applies SJZ serials of conical twin screw extruder with imported inverter,which provides wide adjusting range and precise temperature control.
2) The cutting machineis equipped with PLC control system which helps to set length and provide accurateautomatic cutting.

3) It adopts both advantages of single screw extruder and parallel twin screw extruder
4) Wood fiber can be 70% in the WPC products due to the good mixing effect, so the cost of WPC product is low 
5) Four-step vacuum exhaust to get good exhausting and dehumidifying effect
6) If the natural moisture is less than 10%, the dryer is not needed
7) It saves investment and energy 
8) The material and screw are made from special alloy, so the service life is longer than other equipment
9) This is one step WPC extrusion technology, which saves energy 
10) The parallel twin screw extruder is of building block structure, so it can produce variety of plastic through adjusting the screw

Aplication of WPC products:

WPC products according to different raw materials used can be divided into two major categories of PVC and PE/PP, PVC foam wood type is a product with color, variety, bright colors, complete specifications, various shapes, strong plastic, wood strong sense of texture features, perfect for indoor decoration when more of their performance. 
PE/PP class of WPC is a non-foam plastic products, with high mechanical strength and toughness, good outdoor durability, it is widely used in outdoor flooring, plank pavilion, gallery frames, flower pots, seats and railings .

Technical parameter:

Extruder SJZ51/132 SJZ55/110 SJZ65/132 SJZ80/156 SJZ92/188
Main Motor Power 18.5kw 30kw 37kw 55kw 110Kw
Production capacity 80-100kg/h 100-180kg/h 150-200kg/h 200-300kg/h 550-700kg/h

Deerma Plastic Machinery Co.,Ltd. manufacture WPC Extrusion line and supply OEM, ODM service according to your requirement.Our WPC Extrusion line is good in quality and competitive in price,welcome to contact us for more details of WPC Extrusion line or realted products.

wpc machine

wpc machine

wpc machine

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